24 May 2011

Misanthrop presents: Neosignal Podcast Volume 003

In the 3rd rendering of the Neosignal Podcast, Misanthrop discharges an engine of gut-wrenching future funk!

Neosignal Podcast Volume 003 by n╬×osignal™

1.Misanthrop - Amboss (Neosignal Dub)
2.Phace and Rockwell - NO! (Neosignal Dub)
3.Phace and Noisia - MPD (Dub)
4.Misanthrop - Latitude (Neosignal 007)
5.Phace and Noisia - Close Second (Neosignal Dub)
6.Phace and Spor - Out Of Focus (Neosignal Dub)
7.Kung - Formula (Dub)
8.Phace and Noisia - Program (Vision Dub)
9.Mefjus - Far Too Close (Neosignal Dub)
10.Phace - Basic Memory (Neosignal 008)
11.Misanthrop - Y (Neosignal 008)
12.Misanthrop - Hammerfaust (Neosignal Dub)
13.Phace - Teufelswerk (Neosignal Dub)

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