27 January 2011

SubSpace Sessions live

Tune in tonight from 9-11 pm (gmt-6) at www.everydayjunglist.com! I'll be bringing you a wide variety of drum n bass pressure!

25 January 2011

Influences: Phace & Misanthrop // Neosignal

Over the past decade, Misanthrop (MICHAEL BRĂ„UNINGER) and Phace (FLORIAN HARRES), proved themselves as some of the freshest and deepest sounds in drum n bass. Since combining efforts in 2088 to create their own imprint, Neosignal, they have taken futuristic sounds to the front lines of the genre, and beyond. Check out their guest mix on 1Xtra's Intabeats w/ Bailey ...

10 January 2011

Live tonight - Dropzone: Vinyl Edition

Live audio and HD video stream tonight on EDJ radio tonight:

The Dropzone :: All-Vinyl Edition

09 January 2011

Influences: Dom & Roland

From time to time, I'll be posting various forms of inspiration and influence that have helped to get me where I am today, both professionally and creatively.

To start off, here's a recent mix from a dnb artist that I consider one of, if not the most talent producer in drum n bass, Dom & Roland.

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