24 April 2011

I've got a Key for the new BeatPort Beta. Who wants it??

Beatport is now "Beatport, remixed by Beatport". They've changed the site quite drastically. Maybe for better, maybe for worse. In all honesty, BP are  where i purchase nearly all my digital tunes lately. I have never had major issues with them, at least any that i think would warrant a complete revamp. Not saying I can't sway with the changes, just haven't had time to fully realize them yet. If anyone can convince me that they really want to dig into the new site and can tell me why, and promise to give them some feedback ... i will gladly give you my extra beta key.

Just leave a comment below and i'll try to pick the best one. Sorry, I'm the only judge :P


  1. Ok, I'll just give it to the first person to leave a comment :)

  2. Hey man, saw your post on DSCI4 and I'd totally be down to check it out.

  3. Awesome, just send me a pm on dsci4 - i'm rom on there as well. Thanks for the comment!


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