29 March 2011

rom - alter ego mix [techno]

Though most of my musical ventures over the years have been focused on drum n bass, I've always had a love for deep, railing techno.

 I put together this little mix back in 2007 of some of my favorite tunes at the time. I don't have a track listing for it, but it's filled with tunes from producers like Chris Leibing, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Marco Bailey, ... if you know techno, then that should be enough to get your attention :) Click on the play button below to start listening!

:: The artwork above is from one of my favorite visual artists, deaddreamer. I will be doing an Influences feature on him soon so stay tuned! ::

Rom - alter ego mix [techno] by Subspace[Rom] on Mixcloud

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